All Aboard! Journey To Outer Space Or Museum Visit? Why Not Have Both. by Aleksandra Art


The Golden Age of VR 

Kremer Collection Presents Its New Virtual Museum

Over 70 17th Century Dutch and Flemish Old Master paintings from the Kremer Collection are being unveiled tonight at Sotheby's NYC. Yet this is no ordinary viewing, what is being presented is the new Kremer Museum. A museum that can transcend boundaries and travel wherever there is access to a VR headset. Yes you're right - the museum is an immersive virtual reality experience, developed by taking thousands of images of individual artworks (Photogrammetry).

A leap forward or as George Kremer, Founder of the Kremer Collection, puts it “Our journey as collectors has always been about finding the highest quality artworks and simultaneously finding ways to share them with as many people as possible. My wife Ilone and I believe we can make a greater contribution to the artworld by investing in technology rather than in bricks and mortar for our collection.”


The architect behind Kremer Museum is Johan van Lierop, Founder of Architales and Principal at Studio Libeskind. I personally love his quote on the creation, he says “I think VR is to the 21st century what Dutch Realism was for the Golden Age, allowing the observer to escape into an alternative reality or mindset.". Is physical reality over and is it time for a new race towards the online territory for the art world? The beautiful truth is there is space for everyone, right? 

All Images Copyright of Kremer Collection

All Images Copyright of Kremer Collection

As the rest of us, I shall be on the lookout for the collections popup events at international locations. In 2018 a mobile application on Google Play for Daydream should be developed as well! 

Check out the Kremer Collection to learn more ;)

Snapchat x Jeff Koons by Aleksandra Art

Coinciding with this year's Frieze London preview, Snapchat launched its partnership with artist Jeff Koons to show his works in augmented reality at selective global locations. First piece was introduced in London today and is located in Hyde Park just by the speakers corner. The surface of the iconic 'Balloon Dog' piece in augmented reality even has a reflective surface - hence below my reflection! 

Jeff Koons in Hyde Park

London location can be found here and below are other international locations that launched this week.

Artists can submit their works too on the official webpage

Other locations where various artwork filters can be activated (Via

Other locations where various artwork filters can be activated (Via